Top Jewelry Designers To Say "I Love You" This Christmas

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Top Jewelry Designers To Say "I Love You" This Christmas


AWe love celebrating Christmas Day with jewelry because it conveys warm feelings and our deepest sentiments. Gifting with magical and joyful jewelry pieces is a way to show how much we love someone from the bottom of our hearts.
If you feel Christmas is the right time for a special gift, something that will make your partner feel extraordinary, jewelry will make the sweetest surprise.

Whether you’re planning to propose on Christmas or celebrate with fashion jewelry, let's talk about jewelry designers you don’t want to miss for this Christmas gift list. After all, they’ll help you melt hearts.

Engagement Proposals & Vow Renewals

The romantic atmosphere of the holidays is ideal to ask the most important person in your life to be yours forever! It’s time for an engagement proposal that will only be made complete with a lovely engagement ring your loved one will admire forever.

Christmas is a beautiful opportunity to declare, or renew, your feelings, and only truly meaningful jewelry pieces will do.
Christmas is also a time to pause and show your appreciation for your other half. Remind each other of the best moments and express how your love for them has only grown. 

Thank them for making your life sweeter, and then eternalize the moment with new wedding bands. Here, we list well-known jewelry designers to show your loved ones how much you appreciate them.

bridal ring

Take the big step with Gabriel & Co. bridal

Gabriel & Co. designs with passion and sets new standards of luxury engagement rings and wedding bands. Why not rock Christmas with one of the most recognizable designers in America and an absolute success?
Every year, Gabriel & Co. presents new products inspired by love, and immediately gains even more admirers. Gabriel & Co.’s formula for love is difficult to describe—expressive design, an exciting story, and beautiful artistry.
Gabriel & Co. bridal collections evoke a passion for the craft and transcribe love into jewelry. From contemporary to vintage-inspired engagement rings, Gabriel & Co. speaks of your warmest feelings.

Diamond Huggies

Dazzle with Gabriel & Co. Fashion jewelry

Maybe you also want to surprise someone in the family or a friend who’s been there for you all year round. Well, the artistry and modern sophistication of Gabriel & Co. designs offer exclusive patterns, blends of precious metals, and rare gemstones. 

Gabriel & Co.’s hallmark design is the lovely and distinguished use of diamonds that adorns fashion jewelry. Gabriel & Co. pieces are complete with age-old techniques that create a rich experience and assurance of quality. This year, choose original and unique gifts that will ensure your loved ones shine.


Surprise with a Tissot Timepiece

Tissot timepieces are refined and attractive, with round cases of polished gold and leather bracelets that emphasize the luxurious design of each wristwatch line.
Tissot evokes the feeling of watchmaking masterpieces. That is why they make perfect accessories to complement the wardrobe of the person you’d like to surprise. 

The repertoire of Tissot timepieces includes calibers with a power reserve of days, moon phase indicators, and a perpetual calendar, making them impressive timepieces to give on Christmas. 
Tissot showcases flawless and comfortable watches, making them suitable for almost any style. You can be sure that even a decade later, this timepiece will look great and run smoothly, helping others remember your thoughtfulness.


Impress with Nyna Nguyen

Beautiful cultures from around the world inspire Nyna Nguyen’s pieces. Many of the designer’s iconic creations have the power to make us feel gorgeous because of the beautiful luster of its earrings and necklaces.
Nyna Nguyen is known for its worldly famous sustainable choices, from fine bracelets and necklaces to rings and earrings. A precious piece from Nyna Nguyen is a sweet and meaningful gift to mark special occasions, and what can be more lovely than Nyna Nguyen jewelry for Christmas Day?
If you’re looking to surprise a special someone with dazzling-colored stones, Nyna Nguyen won’t disappoint. Celebrate with Nyna Nguyen’s unique designs and vivid colors!


Amaze with Malo

Malo wedding bands are imaginative and romantic, which is one of many reasons they make such original gifts to renew your vows this Christmas. Shower the person you love with a dreamy piece from Malo’s lovely collections.
Malo bands impress with delicate contours of pure gold that showcase craftsmanship and well-incorporated techniques. Windsor Jewelry is showcasing incredibly romantic Malo wedding bands and anniversary bands to celebrate this Christmas. Fall in love with exquisite inlays, lovely blends of metal, and striking designs.


Precious Christmas gifts in Indianapolis, IN

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