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Here, you'll find exclusive necklaces in different beautiful styles in Indianapolis IN such as diamond pendants, gold necklaces, sterling silver necklaces, and more. They are the best way to update your wardrobe completely with only one item since they are the ideal way to convey style and enhance any outfit. Come visit us in Indianapolis IN.

  1. SKU R423776130P
    14K White Blue Sapphire Cross Necklace

  2. SKU R423776115P
    14K White Ruby Cross Necklace

  3. SKU R423776080P
    14K White Amethyst Cross Necklace

  4. SKU 86943617P
    14K Rose 1/3 CTW Diamond 18 V Necklace

  5. SKU 86943616P
    14K Yellow 1/3 CTW Diamond 18 V Necklace

  6. SKU 86943615P
    14K White 1/3 CTW Diamond 18 V Necklace

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