Make Your Dreams Come True With Exclusive Custom Design Jewelry

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Make Your Dreams Come True With Exclusive Custom Design Jewelry

Jewelry evokes memories and emotions, reminding  us of meaningful moments in ways that make us closely attached to our beloved jewelry pieces. Some moments are so special, though, that they require something extra, like one-of-a-kind jewelry.
Whether you want to design something tailored for yourself or surprise a special someone with jewelry that is truly unique, today, we talk about the advantages of custom design which captures your feelings and identity, creating a signature piece.


Silver Jewelry

Express your creativity

If you’re a lover of jewelry art, custom design will be the perfect opportunity for you to participate in the design process from beginning to end.
You can pick metals, diamonds, or gemstones. Use pictures, other jewelry pieces, and ideas that inspired you to start working on the design.
With custom design, you don’t have to browse endless pages to find something that represents your style and singularity. And it also guarantees that your jewelry fits you like a glove, with a fabulous result.

3D Jewelry


Jewelry making is a delicate process that involves the latest technology combined with savoir-faire. You can enjoy the true art of jewelry making with custom design, which involves 3D models (CAD Technology), design options, and artistic legacy that’s passed from generation to generation.
Experienced jewelers are available to guide you in implementing your ideas, suggesting technical solutions to make your dream piece a reality. You’ll be delighted when you see your designs come to life. The result is not only beautiful, but it’s a jewelry piece which is also comfortable to wear—jewelers make sure of it.

Custom design ring


Whether you want to custom design a necklace, earrings, a ring, bracelets, or a jewelry set, the result is always something rare that no other person in the world has. If you’re customizing a gift, you’ll impress that special someone with something they can’t get anywhere else in the world.
A customized jewelry piece has many more details than mass production jewelry, and the more details, the more exclusive your jewelry is. Here, you have a significant role in the design, which will make your jewelry resonate with you much more than a regular addition to your collection.

Custom Design Jewelry Process

How does the process of custom design work?

We talk about your inspiration and ideas before designing a digital outline of your jewelry piece. 

Once you approve the 3D design, we produce a wax model of your piece, so you can see how it will look from all angles. When you’re completely satisfied, our goldsmiths get to work on making your dream piece come alive.
We have a team ready to assist you, whether you want to custom design a gift, jewelry pieces for your collection, an engagement ring or wedding band, or even redesign dated jewelry.

Jewelry Repair

Experience outstanding service

A local jeweler is always interested in starting a long-lasting business relationship with you. 

When you come to us with your ideas and inspiration, we can follow you with consistent jewelry designs as you move on to anniversaries and other life milestones. You can also create exclusive jewelry featuring your birthstone with us.
If you come to us to design gifts for the most important people in your life, we can help you surprise them year after year, providing  you with high-quality custom services for the rest of your life.


If you have a family heirloom that doesn’t match your style or that has been damaged but which you’d really like to wear again, you can restyle it! 

This process is wonderful because you can honor the person who gifted it to you while still wearing something that resonates with your style.
Don’t let broken pieces of jewelry accumulate dust. Bring old pieces back to life by remodeling them entirely. Here are just some of the many possibilities you can do with jewelry redesign:

• Make a pendant out of a ring  • Use a pearl string to make a new jewelry set  • Transform the look of old jewelry with new gemstones 
• Upgrade your engagement ring  • Merge wedding bands  • Make fashion rings out of mismatched earrings
• Make bracelets out of chain necklaces

Custom Design in Indianapolis, IN

Bring your ideas and inspiration to Windsor Jewelry, and we’ll sketch creative alternatives with the metals and precious stones of your choice.
Windsor Jewelry is known for the quality of our custom-designed jewelry and a desire to truly connect with our customers, providing them with unique jewelry for every milestone and accomplishment.
Contact us, and we’ll provide you with exclusive service that only takes a few stress-free steps! Find us at 16 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis, IN. Or check out Windsor Jewelry’s
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