We Know How To Take Care Of Your Damaged And Worn-Out Jewelry With Exclusive Jewelry Repair Services

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We Know How To Take Care Of Your Damaged And Worn-Out Jewelry With Exclusive Jewelry Repair Services

Jewelry is connected to precious moments of our lives. That's why it's so sad when our favorite pieces break. And because of our feelings attached to jewelry, it takes courage to entrust such precious objects to someone we don’t know. 
But there’s good news—today you’ll learn about different jewelry repairs and get the answers to the most common questions we get asked, so you can rest assured you’re getting a service as refined as the precious pieces in your jewelry box. Dive in!

Repairs you can get done in no time at Windsor Jewelry:



Whether your ring size has changed, or you’ve purchased something precious for someone you love and guessed the wrong size, resizing is a standard repair service with which Windsor Jewelry experts are well-equipped to handle.
Wearing a tight or loose ring can be very uncomfortable, and you’ll only have to part with it for a few days to have it repaired. But notice some titanium rings and rings accented with precious stones might not be resizable. Bring it to us for an expert opinion

Stone replacement

Stone replacement

Has your jewelry piece been a little neglected? Jewelry pieces with missing stones lose all their original beauty. If you have jewelry that needs gemstones of matching colors (or gems you’d like to replace with different colors), this is one of the repairs in which the final look of the jewelry is changed the most, and our customers love the possibilities. It’s like getting a brand-new piece!
Chains and clasps repairs

Chains and clasps repairs

Regular and link chains can be repaired with accurate leveling and welding work. An experienced artisan makes a nearly invisible repair for most chains, so if you have a chain with weak links or a wobbly clasp, avoid wearing it before an inspection. 

Bracelets, especially, tend to slip from the wrists without our notice, and the loss of such a piece is irreplaceable, so don’t risk it. The repair of metal chains includes eliminating imperfections, soldering, and cleaning the piece after the work has been done.



Most of the issues with jewelry pieces cannot be easily spotted. That’s why it’s so important to take it in for inspection from time to time. We can verify the smallest fissures and prevent breakages from happening.
Polishing and cleaning are two of the services which a thorough inspection flags. This not only removes impurities from your precious jewelry, but also ensures you can have your pieces forever.



Some jewelry pieces are so precious that we have the hardest time leaving them behind, and that’s a wonderful thing! But, with constant wear, unwanted substances make their way into your jewelry, and some can leave a mark.  
So, let us ensure the quality of your piece remains unchanged and make it reach its full shining power! 


How long does it take to repair jewelry?

repair jewelry

The repair time depends on how elaborate the work required is. Some jewelry requires special attention and needs more time, others are simpler. Cleaning and polishing can be done immediately, while elaborate chains take meticulous work. The complexity of resizing rings always depends on rings having various stones set along the shank.  
Welding is one of the most frequent jewelry repairs. Some pieces are small works of art with highly delicate features which can easily break. To get back to the way they used to be, they need only our experts' techniques and this can take time. 


Custom Design & Jewelry Remodeling

Windsor Jewelry has helped hundreds of customers in Indianapolis who enjoy having unique jewelry tailored especially for them. So, if you want to create a jewelry piece to wear proudly around or surprise a loved one with an anniversary gift, wedding band, or even an engagement ring, we can customize a piece for you in four easy steps.
And the best part is that if you have something you don’t love or a dated piece in your jewelry box, you can consult our experts and design something new from the old! Here’s our Custom Design Guide to get you started. 

Jewelry Repair Services in Indianapolis, IN


This is a modest list of how we can take care of your jewelry for you. Our services include pearl restringing, engraving, as well as custom design and remodeling. At Windsor Jewelry, expect a variety of repair alternatives, craftsmanship, expertise in jewelry, and get all the attention & kindness you've been looking for!
You deserve a better and more personalized service. Look for the best local jeweler in Indianapolis. Visit Windsor Jewelry at 16 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis, IN.

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