Classic Luxury Timepieces For All Times

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Classic Luxury Timepieces For All Times

Luxury watches are so much more than just useful, beautiful gadgets that tell the time. They’re also highly fashionable accessories (considered as pieces of jewelry by some). But consensus aside on whether or not they are actual pieces of jewelry or not, there’s no doubt about the fact that timepieces are pieces of art that are key to composing any look. 
What are luxury watches and how to identify them

Luxury watches are known for being handmade by expert watchmakers worldwide. These timepieces are also classified as luxury by their components, which usually includes top quality materials to match their incomparable quality. Luxury timepieces also generally entail complex internal movement mechanisms and other unique features integrated into their amazing design, such as chronographs and moon phase indicators.

For all these reasons, a luxury watch is the best investment you can ever make - at least when it comes to investing in functional accessories. Yet, with so many renowned designers and styles to choose from, finding the perfect timepiece for you may seem like a challenging task to accomplish. 

How to choose the right timepiece for you
the right timepiece for you

Thankfully, you don’t need to worry about an overwhelming quest any longer! Windsor Jewelry Co. has put together this guide specifically to highlight the main aspects to take into account when searching for the right timepiece for you, so you know what features to look for in a luxury watch. 

Still, the question of: "Which watches look best on me?" remains, and is also commonly asked, but it eventually comes down to the following short answer: this depends. It varies according to the individual we are talking about. It’s of the utmost importance to consider one’s personal style and preferences in order to find the right timepiece for them.
watch categories

Do you need to stick to men’s and women’s watch categories?

No, you don’t. Women’s luxury watches are usually more delicate and smaller in size than men’s luxury watches. But in the end, which to choose all comes down to a matter of taste. Many women love to wear bigger, bolder watches. It’s simply a matter of taste for them.

Thus, even though there are such styles of watches in the luxury women’s watches categories, they can still choose to wear a men’s watch. The choice is entirely up to you! 

Alternatively, watch designer companies are very much aware of that, and that’s why they’ve made an effort to craft a wide array of timepiece collections that are already categorized by them as luxury unisex watches aimed at pleasing both men and women alike.  
strap or bracelet watches

Deciding on the model: strap or bracelet watches?

Your luxury watch can feature straps or bracelets. Straps watches are usually made of leather and other materials such as nylon. Their advantage is that they’re more comfortable to the touch, so if comfort is a must for you, strap watches are your kind of watch. 

Plus, due to their wide array of options when it comes to materials, strap watches have a natural ability to match several different clothing styles, adding a lot of versatility - as well as a laid-back, sometimes even sporty take to your outfit. This ensures your look is not so serious, yet still undeniably   fashionable.

Bracelet watches, on the other hand, are known for being "the face of luxury and distinction" in and of themselves, mainly because they feature exclusive and durable metals, like titanium, stainless steel, and even 18K gold luxury watches featuring rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold. 

Luxury watches may also come in combined metal colors, sometimes perfectly matched with amazing hues that provide them with the unique capacity to take any man’s look to a whole new level when it comes to making a fashion statement. 
metal and color

Defining the case metal and color

Regardless of their material, luxury timepieces are available in white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. You can never go wrong with these, as they are classic and literally timeless and come in endless designs, featuring different details and materials as well. Our selection of precious metal bracelet watches is available upon request.

If you’re looking to gift a watch to someone close like your father, be sure to take into account their taste. Now, it might be the case that your dad loves the properties of other kinds of metals that may not be considered as precious as those above, but that offer many beneficial properties, even healthwise. This is the case with classy and extra resistant bracelets made of titanium, a well as the extremely popular stainless steel bracelet watches. 
Frequently asked question: Can I sell my luxury watches?
The short answer is: yes! Some renowned jewelers, such as us at Windsor Jewelry Co.,
do buy and sell luxury timepieces, since they are such valuable accessories that tend not to keep valuable
over time, even when purchased 

Where to buy luxury watches in Indianapolis, IN?

Now that you’re basically an expert on luxury watches, here comes the most fun part: finding the perfect one for you! At Windsor Jewelry Co., our team has been helping customers find the watch of their dreams since 1987. 

Here, you’ll find a curated selection of the Swiss Tissot luxury watches, one of the best timepieces designers in the world, known for their quality and distinction. So, drop by our store at 16 North Meridian Street or call us at (317) 634-6736 to set up a complimentary appointment with us. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest!
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